About Us


In 2008, Sherry Fine, a former volunteer, established LWCC Fund as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and developed a Board of Directors to oversee Living Water Children’s Centre located in Arusha, Tanzania. Since then, LWCC Fund has expanded its scope to include many projects around the world, primarily in Africa and Haiti. The Board is comprised of former volunteers representing the U.K. and U.S. including, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Florida, Washington, and Alaska.

Since the Board was established, LWCC Fund has received incredible support from generous donors whose funds have made it possible to meet many of the needs of less fortunate children around the world. Please read more about our projects and how you may provide further assistance on our site.

As the chairwoman of the Board, Sherry Fine continues to collaborate with volunteers and friends who are interested in organizing fundraising events in order to disseminate public awareness and support of LWCC Fund projects. The existence of the Board of Directors and continued funding of projects helps to ensure good governance and long-term sustainability of our organization. We value open communication between both domestic and international partnerships, which strengthens our vision and confirms that our goals remain focused and effective. In the future, we hope to broaden our network in the areas of collaboration, advocacy, and assistance with additional partnership possibilities in Canada, Australia, Norway, and beyond!

Today the Board consists of chairwoman Sherry Fine, and members Barbara Livieratos, Susan Abrams, Dorothy Schwartz, Aryeh Levenson, KleMote McClean, Robert Shulman, and Harris Goldstein.

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