Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre

DSCC ~ Nairobi, Kenya

Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre, a school in Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya and named after board member Dorothy Schwartz, who first introduced the school to LWCF. It was founded by Zablon Sitati and Isaac Okumu. Here are Isaac’s words about starting this school:

“The year is 2005 December, we walk around Mukuru-Kayaba slum. The shy but genuine smiles of your boys and girls are  all over, most of them in torn clothes, empty stomach, dirty but living with hope. They know very well that they have a future. But when you look at it keenly, there is no future. With daily robberies, prostitution, drugs and all kinds of vices, surely there is no future. Mr. Zablon tells me he is going to rent two small houses to start a preschool so that he can empower these beautiful kids.”


LWCF found this project via Dorothy Schwartz, who subsequently became a board member of the fund. Since that time, LWCF has been working to support and improve the school, which serves among the poorest and neediest of children in Nairobi. Many of these children are orphans. Needs which have been and are currently addressed have included rent for the current buildings, school supplies, teacher salaries, a nurse to assess and address health needs and a soccer program. Since 2018 LWCC has sponsored a breakfast program three days per week, resulting in greatly improved attendance and performance. More funding is needed to continue this program.

DSCC has been successful despite the tough and desperate conditions the students and teachers face on a daily basis. For the last four years the school has been producing some top boys and girls in the final Primary school exams. This means these students can attend Kenya’s top secondary schools, but the tuition is not affordable for the children in the slum. Therefore, LWCFund has started a sponsorship program for students who have performed well and are accepted into secondary schools. The sponsors cover the tuition, and a relationship is established between student and sponsor, via letters, photos and videos back and forth. More sponsors are always needed, as each year there are new students ready to proceed to secondary school. 

The Mukuru Slums have a population of over half a million people with very limited access to clean water, sanitation, education and medical facilities. Crime, drugs, prostitution, rape and many other vices are the order of the day.

Dorothy Schwartz Community Centre currently has over 450 students. The ongoing challenge faced by the school is the large number of children who want to join, when space and resources are limited. There are not enough teachers to meet the needs of these children and more are needed. School supplies are sometimes received from volunteers and tourists who come to travel on safaris in Kenya. School supplies can also be donated through Pack For A Purpose. Monetary donations go toward the construction of more classrooms and to hire more qualified teachers.
DSCC’s doors always remain open to volunteer teachers, donations of school supplies, new and used clothes and shoes, gently used or new laptops, toys and other suitable items, and new ideas on how the lives of these children can be improved through education.



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