Joanne Mc Manus School

JMA ~ Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

joanne_mcmanus_academy_1Joanne McManus Academy, named in honor of a Massachusetts educator who provided curriculum support when the school first opened, is a primary school located in the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam. The school was founded by Juliet Lazar, a young teacher with a dream of providing a quality education to children in poor neighborhoods where the only other educational option is the overcrowded, underfunded government schools. Juliet and her small staff of teachers left Sherry Fine Academy to start their own school in 2012. They educate more than 30 children in two small rooms. Their shoestring budget comes from minimal fees that are charged the families of the students. The budget is supplemented by donations from LWCCF. These funds have provided some basic necessities such as pencils, paper and other teaching supplies. LWCC’s donation of a laptop computer and a printer gives  teachers new options to create and print out  student exams. In addition, they have been able to access professional development  and curriculum resources on the internet.


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