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Living Water Children Centre

Living Water Children Centre is dedicated to the care, education, and advocacy of disadvantaged children in Arusha, Tanzania. Founded in 2003 by The Kimaros, a local family, The Centre currently houses over 50 orphans and children from impoverished or underserved backgrounds. The Centre also supports children who have lost one or both parents and disabled youth whose families are unable to care for them.

Mission: Our mission at Living Water Children Centre is to safeguard the well-being, education, and protection of disadvantaged children. Disheartening demographic information reveals that there are over 1 million Tanzanian orphans in need of assistance with numbers rising as the result of the HIV/AIDS and Malaria pandemics. Some children are fortunate in that they have been integrated into extended families, however the pervasive lack of resources and education has forced many orphaned children to live on the streets and struggling to survive. These are the children who are provided a safe home and given a chance at life because of your generous support and donations to Living Water Children Centre.

How You Can Help: Your gracious donations will go towards the sponsorship of a child’s specific needs and the general preservation of The Centre. For $50 per month, your donation will sustain a child’s education and provide quality schooling by dedicated teachers. A $35 per month donation will cover a child’s heath care and offer them access to medical coverage. For a total of $85 per month, the sponsored child will receive both education and health care coverage, which will ensure their basic foundations for success.

The Centre also happily accepts monthly or one-time contributions of any amount. These contributions will be granted to the children with the greatest needs and allocated to the most pressing concerns of The Centre at the time of your donation. We can assure that your support will lead directly to the well-being of The Centre’s children and make a lasting difference in many young lives.

If you are interested in volunteering at Living Water Children Centre, please get in touch with us directly through our Contact Page

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Your support for Living Water Children Centre will positively impact the lives of many and help us provide a safe, fun, and happy home where children can thrive!


Please donate to this LWCCF project today.

Living Water Children Center is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation and there are several options for sponsoring a child at LWCC. You can sponsor their education for $50 per month, their health care for $35 per month, or both for $85 per month. You can also make a monthly contribution of any other amount if you wish. If you would like to make a monthly donation please enter the name of the child or children you wish to sponsor (if you know it), the amount you would like to donate every month, and click on the donate button.


Or, if you would like to make a one off donation, click on donate. You will be able to enter the amount on the next page.

If you would prefer to contribute by check or money order, please send it to:

Living Water Children Centre
170 East 88th Street, Apt 4H
New York, NY

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